Hennessey Library Ramps Up for Summer Activities

The Hennessey Library kicked off a new program Apr. 1. Sponsored by Friends of the Library, Christmas in April is designed to help the library get needed items. As patrons enter the front doors, they will be greeted by a Christmas tree with numerous paper ornaments. Upon each piece of paper is written an item that the library needs. Guests need only take the paper home, obtain the item and deliver the item to the library as a donation.

“Christmas in April is a Friends of the Library fundraiser for the library, and what the premise is, the library has a wish list of items that they’d like to have that can kind of help out in the library but we just don’t have funding right now to go ahead and get,” said Library Director, Ruth Ann Replogle. “So, we were requesting patrons and benefactors to take a Post-it off of the Christmas tree, and take it home, and purchase or provide us with the item that they have taken off of the tree. For example, there are some tools on there. There are some things for the children’s area on there. There’s basic needs, like batteries and light bulbs, and then we’re asking for holiday décor…If you happen to have a large, stuffed bunny or large, stuffed spider at home that you wouldn’t mind donating to the library, we can definitely use it in our décor, especially Christmas and winter-time-slash-fall and Halloween, we are definitely looking for items like that. We will take whatever’s on the tree. Feel free to donate. It will be all month of April.”



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