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Hennessey's Eagle Event Center takes shape

Hennessey Public Schools’ dome is taking shape as it moves toward completion. Despite the rains that threatened to delay construction efforts, bricks now partially surround the building, and the skeletal framework within is beginning to provide a visual idea of what certain areas will look like once completed. Tentatively named the Eagle Event Center, Superintendent Dr. Mike Woods sat down with The Hennessey Clipper to offer updates on the dome’s progress.

“The rain has slowed us down,” Woods stated. “We had to go in and take a lot of the original pad out because it had gotten wet and had gotten run over several times to where it was not gonna be fixable just by lettin’ it dry. So, we had to go in and muck out a lot of the stuff, and move it out, and let it dry, and replace it. So, that has added a little time, but we are on schedule to pour the pad, the actual floor pad, by the end of June. Internally, a lot of the second-story stuff is being done: lot of the framing that goes upstairs, because it’s up and out of the way where they can still do the dirt-work and everything underneath. They can be up on the second level, building and doing all the framing. The offices, the coaches’ offices, the meeting room, the AV control, all that’s upstairs. Then, also the mechanical rooms are upstairs. They’re still able to get a lot done, just kind of backwards. They started on the top and are working their way down. That’s well underway.”

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