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HPS Holds Book Fairs for Students and Community

Hennessey Middle and Elementary Schools held book fairs Monday, Feb. 25 through Mar. 1. Each school held its book fair in its library throughout the week and was open all day during school hours. Scholastic sponsored the book fairs, providing the schools with a wide variety of books, posters and school supplies for the schools’ fundraising efforts.

HES Librarian, Kate Ladwig, stated that the schools hold two book fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. “They run for a week, and they help bring in funds for our library,” she said. “Right now, my goal is to purchase some new seating for our library, and so that’ll help specifically go towards that goal of mine for the next school year.” Ladwig pointed out that there are not many book stores available to these children and that these book fairs provide a way for those children to be able to shop for books that they like.

Ladwig described a new tool for the schools’ book fairs called “E-Wallet.” This tool allows parents and grandparents to send in money electronically for the children to use at the book fair. The funds automatically go to the register from the donor. Ladwig explained that her own children benefited using this tool after a grandparent who lives in Texas utilized it and sent money for the children.



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