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An interview with Hennessey City Councilman Wes Hardin

Hennessey Councilman, Wes Hardin, sat down with The Hennessey Clipper to discuss life as a public servant and what led him to his position within the community.

Born in Kingfisher, Hardin has always lived in the area. He lived what he called a “pretty normal” life: three brothers, playing in the creeks and doing all the things local kids do when growing up in the country. His parents started their own business in oil field service shortly after he was born, and that is where he remains along with his duties as a councilman. Prior to Town Council, Hardin served in the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s office for nearly 10 years as a deputy during the nights and evenings, working the family business during the day. He told how he started his work on the Town Council, stating that he simply read that the position was open in the newspaper and filed for it, winning the seat.

Hardin estimated that he has been on the Town Council for 16-18 years now. He explained why he still serves after so many years. “… We accomplished a lot. Felt like we were getting some things positive done,” Hardin said. He went on to say that it might be time for him to consider stepping aside to let someone else have the chance to get their ideas heard and to serve the community as he has. “I do enjoy it…There’s a lot to it… 


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