July 1 brings new vehicle tag laws to Oklahoma

Beginning Monday, July 1, Oklahoma will have new laws regarding vehicle tags that will affect anyone buying or selling a used vehicle.

Oklahoma motorists will now be able to keep their license plates upon selling their vehicles. The old tag will go on the new or used vehicle that they purchase. With this system, rather than following the vehicles, car license plates will follow the individual who owns the vehicles.

Vehicles that are purchased from dealerships will still be sold with paper dealer tags, and those tags will still give the new owner 30 days to register the car. When the new owner completes the purchase of the title and registration, that owner will have the option to keep his or her old tag or to purchase a new one from Oklahoma Tax Commission or the individual’s local tag agency.

The change mostly affects those individuals who are purchasing a vehicle from sources other than a licensed dealership. In this case, the buyer has two options for tagging the vehicle they purchase. First, if the buyer does not already have a tag from their previously owned vehicle, the newly purchased vehicle can be driven for up to five days without a plate while a new plate is being obtained. However, during this time the driver must have proof of sale or the assigned title in the vehicle. The second option allows 30 days for those individuals who do have a tag from their previous vehicle to transfer the tag and registration into their names. Failing to do these steps within the allotted time could result in penalties.



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