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Margery Ann Enix

Margery Ann Enix, born March 13, 1935, died Sept. 24, 2016 of pneumonia, at age 81. She was a music professor, cellist, and distinguished author. Margery Ann Enix of Santa Ana, Calif., started her career as a performance cellist, progressing into academics to become a full professor of music at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., where she specialized in music theory. She successfully combined careers in performance, teaching, and scholarly writing. She lectured at universities throughout the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Her notable articles on the cello and music theory appeared in publications worldwide. Margery’s academic career began by earning a BA from Oklahoma State University. At Yale University, where she studied under distinguished cellist Luigi Silva, she earned a bachelor of music degree in cello performance. Subsequently, she was awarded a masters and Ph.D. of Music at Indiana University. Ms. Enix researched and wrote the definitive biography of Rudolf Matz, one of the most distinguished figures in the history of cello, in her book titled, “Rudolf Matz: Cellist, Teacher, Composer” and published by Dominis Publishing, Ottawa. As a close associate of Matz, she wrote several articles on Matz, as well as articles on other cellists and related topics which appeared in journals, such as The American String Teacher. Margery Enix also received the prestigious Faculty Recognition Award from Chapman University. In addition, she received a grant from the Ford Foundation plus several other research grants from major institutions. She is survived by her brother, James R. Enix Jr. and his wife, Ann of Stillwater; her sister, Lucille Enix of Dallas, Texas; two nieces, Victoria R. Fash of Carmel, Calif., and Kathryn Moore of Baton Rouge, La.; and two nephews, William L. Fash, Jr. of Boston, Mass., and Byron Enix of Santa Rosa, Calif.


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