Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Commits In National Co-Op Month

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is joining together with nearly 40,000 other cooperative businesses nation-wide in October, to celebrate National Cooperative Month. Cooperatives help build stronger communities and a strong economy. “Coops Commit: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” is the theme for this year’s celebration, highlighting how co-ops are creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and boards, and how co-ops can better meet the needs of communities that have been excluded from economic participation and advancement.

Hennessey Eagles of the Week

Hennessey Eagles of the Week

PreK: Allen Wood, Anastasia Bohnstedt, Rylynn Compton; Kindergarten: Mason Moore, Kelton Lara, Ian Lopez, Kassidy McFeeters; 1st-Grade: Jacee Beaman, Kennes Briley, Anelisse Duron, Draven Tyree; 2nd-Grade: Abril Montes, Tatum Humphries, Kinslee Moeller, Nicole Vargas (Nikky); 3rd-Grade: German Martinez, Jack Curran, Brayden Benedict, Karen Rodriquez; 4th-Grade: Saydee Humphries, Cole Muzny, Garnet Crawford, Wade Walker; 5th-Grade: Kaddo Miller, Andrea Gonzalez, Adam Stackhouse, Alicia Moulton


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