Publisher’s Notice

Trail Miller Co., LLC is exploring the economics of combining The Canton Times with The Okeene Record similar to what Wesner Publications did with The Watonga Republican and The Geary Star, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Falling revenues over the last few years has placed a burden on many print media publications in the nation even before the pandemic hit. Our local newspapers have not been spared either. Many have ceased to exist.

We sympathize with our local businesses who have suffered as well, and we all have to do what we have to do to survive as small businesses.

We do plan to keep The Canton Times independent until after our annual fall Football Special to be published at the end of August. After that issue, we will make a decision on how to proceed with all of our publications, including The Canton Times and The Hennessey Clipper.

Those communities that sponsor our newspaper’s sports/school pages will certainly remain independent newspapers. The cost to print up to an 8 page newspaper costs $200 per week with color. 18 to 20 sponsors at $50 per month defrays those costs. The largest expense of any newspaper is its labor and staff, and their mileage, which easily dwarves our printing costs. Only our advertising revenue can offset those labor costs, as subscription revenue primarily offsets postage costs. Unfortunately, advertising revenue has continued to decrease over the years as well.






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