Sen. Inhofe Supports More Commitment in Africa, Not Less

Sen. Inhofe Supports More Commitment in Africa, Not Less

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Tulsa, in oped published Wednesday in the Washington Post, called for an increased military presence on the African continent even as the Department of Defense is pondering a withdrawal from the region.

Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper is considering shifting troops out of Africa to better keep watch on China and Russia. As a result the 6,000 military personnel stationed throughout Africa may have to move, potentially creating a vacuum that could allow for more violence and an increase in influence from other world powers.

“The need to be involved in Africa is about more than just countering the terrorist threat. If we don’t maintain — or, frankly, even expand our commitment there, we will cede influence and access across the continent to Russia and China,” read the piece by Inhofe.


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