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Teachers help student battling rare cancer

Kayston Hatchel, 5 year old son of Hennessey 2014 graduate Dylan Hatchel, was originally diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in March.

Since the diagnosis Kayston has had multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemo. He graduated radiation last month, and he is currently still having chemo.

He recently had surgery back on June 26, to remove his middle and bottom lobe, taking out the mass on his right lung.

The family has found out that the chemo has killed 70% of the lesions on his shoulders, pelvis, and legs, but aft er more testing, the diagnosis was changed to a more rare type of cancer, Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB).

It is very similar to Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and the treatment are almost identical other than a few of the therapies. This type of cancer is more rare.

A group of Hennessey teachers wanted to help the Hatchel family during this difficult time in their lives while Kayston is battling cancer. “We got the idea to do a 5k/1 mile fun run, however the weather cancelled out our event,” said Jessica Melendy. “We were still able to come up with a lot of sponsors and participants who made all this possible!”

The teachers were able to raise $5,564.19 and donate it to the Hatchel family. “We had a total of 28 sponsors and could not have done it without their support.”


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