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Trustee seeks to educate community about the Hennessey Legacy Foundation

The recent creation of the Hennessey Legacy Foundation has raised numerous questions from the community. Town Trustee Richard Simunek seeks to educate community members on what this foundation can do for the community.

In a recent press release, Simunek detailed the shortfall in funding required to keep community projects moving forward. He explained how sales tax revenue simply is not enough to provide the funding for all the needs of Hennessey, and this is where HLF can be helpful. HLF gives community members, organizations and more the opportunity to donate funds back to the town. These funds can then be used for a variety of ventures throughout the town that provide growth and updates.

Simunek discussed examples of Legacy projects with The Hennessey Clipper, such as the clock plaza in Bull Foot Park, which was made possible by various donors. A second example of a Legacy project is Pat Hennessey Park, where such a program could provide needed funds for finishing incomplete projects, repairs and renovations. The tower and swing set are deteriorating and damaged, and an endowment for the park could assist with addressing those issues. Additionally, the chapel at the cemetery was made possible by an anonymous donation of $75,000. Simunek expressed his desire to place a plaque at the chapel that says, "This beautiful chapel was made possible by anonymous donation for which the community of Hennessey is most grateful."


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